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Lindsey Lohan … On OWN?


Lohan filling in for Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately

Lohan filling in for Chelsea Handler on Chelsea Lately

Before we scratch our heads and say WTF, let’s look at what we know right now:

While the entirety of the world knows that Lindsey is no stranger to controversy, it was no surprise when she had a stint in rehab, again. When it looked like good ole’ LiLo was down for the count following her 90-day stay in rehab, she picked herself up and continued on. In the wake of many child stars that have fallen from grace, socially, she is one of the few that is actually trying to get her life together.

Lohan managed to book E! Channel’s own Chelsea Lately as host and will be interviewed by the ‘Big O’ Oprah herself. Actually, she seems to have a lot of things lined up for herself, though coming straight out of rehab. Had I known that rehab had secret get-yourself-healthy-and-fix-your-career/life powers, I most likely would have signed up years ago. Clearly, whatever happened in rehab has worked so far. Only time will tell if Lohan is serious about fixing her career.

Of course, there was that ill-fated attempt at a career restart (We are just going to disregard I Know Who Killed Me entirely as I refuse to even go into that) with the production of the made-for-television movie Liz & Dick , in which she was cast as the iconic Elizabeth Taylor. Despite an uncanny resemblance between Taylor and Lohan , virtually no one saw it–besides me and that’s only because I troll television out of boredom, (like half of the world). As someone who watched it, the film wasn’t ‘entirely’ bad. it just didn’t get the attention it should have because it was on Lifetime. I am saying this not to take anything away from the Lifetime Network, but in my mind, I associate Lifetime with horribly scarring my childhood psyche.

Now, Lohan is trying her hand at a comeback again, with hosting Chelsea Lately and apparently taking on Oprah as a mentor of sorts. Oprah’s OWN cable network has signed Lohan to an eight-episode docu-series that will follow the actress as she “works to rebuild her career and stay healthy”. The series is set to air in 2014. I am really excited to see Lindsey in a personal and real way (outside of that train wreck TV show Living Lohan that featured her family); I mean, what could be realer than a child star trying to get her life together again? I am no stranger to watching a good reality show, but if Oprah has anything to do with the show, it is going to be the furthest thing from trashy. As of right now, I am counting the days until the highly anticipated interview airs on August 18.

I applaud her for her effort in trying to rebuild her image in the eyes of the people who have followed her throughout childhood and beyond. In a world of teen stars struggling to set themselves apart from who they were as children, most of them became totally unrecognizable.

Do I long for the days when Lindsey was a proud redhead that helped ease me into the strangeness that is high school with her snarky comments and raspy voice in Mean Girls? Yes, of course and I’m sure many of you guys think that too.

AJ’s Advice:  Leave Lindsey alone, stop being haters, and get a life. Most of our lives are not where they should be. The only difference is that we don’t have the whole world watching and waiting for us to fail.

Agree? Disagree? Comment on your thoughts below. Do you think she can recover her lost career or is she forever lost in the pit of has-been celebrities, never to return again? Your thoughts mean a lot and I secretly feed off  the comments, so leave loads of them!

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