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Fashion Trend: Blast from the Past, Overalls are Back


There is no surprise that something old is making a comeback in fashion once again. As a child of the 90’s, I absolutely hate flashbacks to the horrid fashion of that time. I am fully aware that overalls were not debuted in the 90’s, but it was a hideous trend back then that everybody had embraced. I face-palm myself every time I think about my childhood filled with Osh Kosh B’Gosh overalls, Scottie Dogs and Jelly sandals. Now…it has come full circle.


Overalls were all over the runways this year. This trend has even celebrities rocking it and we are all okay with it. From the hip and trendy to the hot moms, the style is both a casual throwback and a fashion forward piece. The innovation of the fabric–it’s not just denim anymore you guys–and the addition of prints give new life to an old trend. Complete honesty moment, I am the human being that thinks if this is good enough for a celebrity, then it is good enough for me, even though I am a complete nobody.

As much as I hate the trend because it can be a piece that goes south, (literally), really fast, it is a really great staple for any wardrobe and any style. Just like jeans, it can dressed up and it can be dressed down. But the really awesome part of this particular trend is that many retailers create really good versions that are directly inspired by items straight off of the runway. I, myself, would like to get the furthest away from the whole “country dungarees” look. However, this look might work for you and it may not.

Overalls come in different styles that are meant for different types of body shapes and sizes. Long legged types look better on taller women, elongating and highlighting the legs. Shorts are better used on petite bodies, in that it keeps you from looking cut off and short beyond all reason, like the long legged versions would. In keeping with my personal style, my preferred colours are black or deeply enriched colours like red or pink and keeping the fit close to the leg, making the whole look modern. Keep in mind that if you are going to try this trend, let the piece be the center of the entire look and resist pairing it with over the top items. This look is at it’s best when it toned done and simplified.


These are created by Asos and all of the looks are under $100

This particular piece is a must have for everyone. The deciding factors to me are: comfort, mobility, price, and  the reuse ability offered. Overalls have passed all 4. Now, it’s time to see how long this trend is going to stick around.

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