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Go Big Or Go Home: Virgin Airlines To Begin Featuring Live Entertainment

First of all: what?


And second of all: Southwest, please take note. I love flying with you and would appreciate said entertainment.



Anyways, the creative geniuses at Virgin Airlines have decided to ease their customers travel pains by featuring live entertainment. Such entertainment includes improv comedy, live music, and whatever else Virgin Airlines manages to come up with. The only catch is that most of these performances and acts will be scheduled at random.

It's like a party bus, but in the air!

It’s like a party bus, but in the air!

Moving on, a lot of people are somewhat nervous and skeptical about it, claiming that it might have unforeseen consequences or might be going a little overboard. Some are even going as far as saying that it is completely unnecessary.

Well, call me that person, because I’m definitely the asshole that disagrees.

I’ve been on short flights and long flights and they are both—usually—equally painful to sit through, even if I do—hypothetically—have something to do. And by something to do, I mean sleep.

Yup, that is some riveting entertainment.

Yup, that is some riveting entertainment.

So, why not let Virgin Airlines do their thing and improve the quality of their service?

I mean, what’s the worse that can happen?

Sources: The Week

Images From:,,Yahoo News, Business Week

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Sh*tty idea? Sound off below!


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