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Down at the Box Office: Elysium takes the Number One Spot


The Director of District 9, Neill Blomkamp’s Sci-fi follow up, Elysium triumphs this weekend at the box office. The science fiction action film stars Matt Damon and Jodie Foster.

Quick summary: The movie takes place in the futuristic time of 2154, but by this time, society is split into two classes: the wealthy and the poor. The wealthy live on Elysium–which is pretty much a cross between The Avengers‘ Hellicarrier and a luxury cruise ship–and the poor live in the slums of overpopulated Earth. The main character, played by Damon, is told that he only has an allotted amount of time to live and the only cure resides on Elysium. Basically, Damon ends ups going all  “F*ck the system” and dons a mechanical exoskeleton suit (that was somewhat akin to Bruce Wayne’s magical knee brace in The Dark Knight Rises). At this point, Foster, who plays the person in charge of the Elysium and its safety goes into Gandalf mode and is all “You shall not pass!” and stuff gets real. Needless to say, there are many explosions and most likely, many people die.

Action for everyone!

All other movies proved no match for the film as it flew past even Jason Sudeikis and Jennifer Aniston‘s comedy We’re the Millers, making only $26.6 million.

This was apparently a surprise considering most people, analysts included, expected the animated children’s movie Planes to take the number two spot. However, Planes followed We’re the Millers into third place with Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters with $14.6 million and the fourth spot.

Here’s a list of the weekend’s top movies, complied by Box Office Mojo.

  1. Elysium, $30. Mil.
  2. We’re the Millers, $26.6 Mil.
  3. Planes, $22.5 Mil.
  4. Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters, $14.6 Mil.
  5. 2 Guns, $11.1 Mil.
  6. The Smurfs 2, $9.5 Mil.
  7. The Wolverine, $8 mil.
  8. The Conjuring, $6.7 Mil.
  9. Despicable Me 2, $5.7 Mil.
  10. Grown Ups 2, $3.7 Mil.

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