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Beyoncé’s Hair In No Way Affects You


Okay. Quite a few days ago Beyoncé decided to debut her new haircut. Now she’s a global phenomenon so it’s understandable that a change in her look would be a topic of discussion for a day, maybe even two, but today I got on twitter, and saw that people are still conversing about this as though her hair somehow affects the world.

People on my timeline are doing one of two things, praising her decision as though it was an act of valor, or acting as though her having long hair somehow guided them through life, and now their just as lost as Moses and the Israelites. With that here is my public service announcement: whatever Beyoncé or any celebrity decides to do with their hair in no way affects your personal life.

Some people are wasting their time tweeting, “that new cut is giving me life” or “ugh I hate this new cut so much I’m in legit tears” meanwhile, they have an eviction notice on their door, and are about two weeks away from chilling in a box or sidewalk city next to Oscar the Grouch. Everyone needs to get their priorities in check, and realize that that woman isn’t paying any of your bills or helping raise any of your kids, and therefore should not be consuming so much of your minds.

Sidenote: if by some chance you are a fan, and are currently under duress due to the probable lack of hair choreo in upcoming shows just remember that all she has to do, and probably will do, is slap a lacefront back on, thus restoring balance to your world.


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