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Bieber Nudes, Why?

Today, I woke up to a rather interesting text message from one of my friends. It was a link to TMZ, who have seemingly gotten their hands on pictures of Justin Bieber nude using only a guitar to cover his man parts. Honestly ,that really wasn’t the first thing I wanted to see when I arose, but that’s what I get for befriending a self-proclaimed Belieber.

Now according to TMZ, these pictures were taken last Thanksgiving while he was at the home of his grandparents. Apparently, he thought it would be funny to walk around the house naked singing and playing guitar. Some say that the picture is photo-shopped because Justin isn’t very tall, and he appears to be rather large in the photos in question, and we all know of the power of photoshop. But for the sake of this post, lets just say it’s real.justin-bieber-naked-guitar-400x300

A couple things actually weirded me out. One, I cannot understand why Justin thought it would be cute to walk around singing naked. Seriously, you’re like nineteen years old, (eighteen at the time), not freaking four. You are way to old for that sh*t. I mean the thought has never occurred to me or any of my friends to sing in the nude with multiple witnesses, but maybe we’re the strange ones.

The second thing that left me feeling a little creeped is that someone was taking pictures of this dude, and held on to them for months. Why? That’s rather strange. That’s some creeper a** sh*t right there. Like who the f*ck does crap like that? Again, my friends and I don’t have naked pictures of each other just laying around. If one of my friends does have a picture of me all unclothed and what not, then we really need to rethink our friendship long and hard because we are clearly in different places in this freaking relationship.


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