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Has Vin Diesel Been Cast as Voice of Groot in Guardians of the Galaxy?

Short answer: Yes. Yes, he has.


Well, being specific, Diesel is “in talks” for the role as the voice of Groot.

About a month back, there was a lot of speculation that Diesel would be cast as a character in Marvel’s cinematic universe and the whole of the internet went wild. Diesel further fanned the flames when he posted on his Facebook that he had had a very “impressive” meeting with Marvel.

Fast forward to now, and Vinn Diesel is thisclose to acquiring the role of Groot.

Quick back-story of Groot:

Groot is an alien that has the appearance of a tree. Depending on what you’re reading, Groot started out as somewhat of a bad guy, seeking humans as test subjects for a number of nefarious reasons. After being defeated and turned into a captive of S.H.E.I.L.D, he was eventually returned to space and became a part of Star-Lord‘s team in a huge happening known as the Annihilation Conquest. This team eventually defeated a dastardly creature known as Phalanx and Groot eventually moved on to joining the Guardians of the Galaxy.




Anyways, this news definitely doesn’t surprise me. Although I was gunning for Diesel to play the Vision, I am way more excited that he might—I might as say “will—be playing the character of Groot. If you’ve followed Diesel closely, you’ll know that this his note his force go at voicing a character.

Diesel previously voice the giant with a heart of gold in 1999’s Iron Giant. The movie, though underwhelming at the box office, (I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. IT’S SO GOOD!), was a critical smash hit. It’s actually one of my favorite movies of all time and I’m still so angry that it didn’t do awesomely at the box office.

There are no words for how amazing this movie is/was.

There are no words for how amazing this movie is/was.

Moving on, Diesel did a great job voicing the giant and I know he’ll do a damn good job voicing Groot. Hopefully, however, they’ll give him a little more to work with than the “I am Groot” line that Groot is known for.


Sources: LA Times, Uproxx, IGN

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