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Making The Case For: A Black Panther Movie

Listen closely: Marvel is awesome. I love the things they’re doing with their cinematic universe. I love the fact that they are shining the light on characters that a lot of people didn’t know about as opposed to icons like Superman and Batman. Their universe is also refreshing compared to that of Fox’s.


Let’s hope this movie is great.

However, like I’ve said recently Marvel has still managed to disappoint me in one thing and one thing only:

It’s cinematic universe lacks adequate diversity.

Spare me the melodrama as I proceed to explain why I feel this way:

1. Team make-up.

Seriously. This is becoming somewhat of a joke.

Seriously. This is becoming somewhat of a joke.

Marvel. What are you doing? Marvel. STAHP.

Well, don’t stop, but add a little more color in there, geez.

In all seriousness, Marvel has a handful of respectably diverse heroes and I feel like they should definitely invest some time in bringing some of those people to light. 

2. There are already Easter eggs in place already.

Before I get into this, here’s a quick back-story for Black Panther:

Prince T’Challa, a warrior of Wakanda, (which happens to be one of the most technologically advanced nations on Earth), eventually becomes king after defeating his uncle in a once-a-year right of passage that allows any Wakandan to assume the throne after defeating the present monarch in hand-to-hand combat. He then becomes the Black Panther by ingesting a Wakandan herb that grants him advanced and heavenly abilities. Other than that, his intellect rivals that of Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and even Reed Richards. He’s a veteran Avenger and he’s a member of the Illumanati (which is a legitimate secret society in Marvel).

The Black Panther, ladies and gentleman.

The Black Panther, ladies and gentleman.

Continuing on, I know that most of us are really observant and if that’s the case, then you know that Marvel has already took the time to drop Black Panther Easter eggs. For example, in Iron Man 2, Wakanda, the place that Black Panther calls home, is featured on a map. Jon Farveau later confirmed in 2010 that that was a purposeful Easter egg. Additionally, the imaginary metal, Vibranium, is name dropped in 2011’s Captain America as the metal that Captain America’s shield is made of.

3. There have been no solo, non-white hero/heroine movies.


Jesus, I realize that Blade is out there. And I liked it, okay?

Well, at least 1 and 2. 3 was just weird.

I also realize that the decent Spawn is out there. And so is the terribly, f*cking awful Steel.

Anyways, keeping within the MCU, we have yet to see a solo movie with a non-white, main protagonist. A lot of people always start kicking and screaming when I mention that and throw names at me like Nick Fury and Heimdall and James Rhodes. However, they fail to recognize the words main protagonist.

What does Marvel think will happen if they make this movie?

What, will the world explode?

I would certainly hope not.

I would certainly hope not.

4. Beating back the “It won’t sell” argument.

I am honestly so sick of and tired of people saying that a Black Panther movie won’t sell. Additionally, I am also sick and f*cking tired of people saying it wouldn’t sell mainly because it’d be a “black movie”.



It’s 2013 and it’s a dumb argument.

That’s the equivalent of saying that every movie that Will Smith appears in is a “black movie”.


Here is Will Smith. Your argument is invalid.

Here is Will Smith. Your argument is invalid.

Anyways, I know White, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American, Asian, and all sorts of comic book and film fans who are crying foul at the fact that there isn’t a Black Panther film yet. This is a film that could potentially appeal to the masses, not just one demographic like people think.

I also refer you to the “Iron Man” effect that I talked about earlier in a related article about Ms. Marvel: https://sublimezoo.wordpress.com/2013/08/12/making-the-case-for-a-ms-marvel-movie/

In closing, Marvel is making a name for itself in film by being the company that “takes chances”. Why not take a chance and go for something not as safe like Black Panther? Or Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)? Or even Dr. Strange or Namor or something. Seriously. There are so many diverse characters out there that deserve a piece the growing franchise too.

Marvel, don’t let us down.

Source: Comic Vine

Images from: Digitalspy.com, Comicbookmovie.com, Comicvine.com, Sciencefiction.com, Indiewire.com, Ngewall.com, People.com


What you think? Am I missing something? Sound off below!

***Article inspired by AJ Parker. Go check out her posts!

6 thoughts on “Making The Case For: A Black Panther Movie

  1. Definitely something that should happen. For what it’s worth, Stan Lee thinks it’ll happen. Hopefully in Phase 3. I would probably pull back a bit on just how technologically advanced Wakanda is, but it should definitely be a reasonably advanced country. Best bet in terms of story would be for the Black Panther to defend his throne against either Killmonger or Man-Ape. Probably Killmonger.

    Liked by 1 person

    • +9000. If Stan thinks it’ll happen, I’m all for it. I agree that they shouldn’t over-harp on the fact that Wakanda is super advanced, but I think they good go for a cool like what they did with Asgard.


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  3. that awkward moment they’re making a Doctor Strange whitewashed film. It’s exhausting that in 2016, the year of Lemonade (that you Beyzus), POC are still so marginalised in pop culture.

    (PS I only discovered this blog a few days ago, so I am greedily consuming articles regardless of when they were posted.)

    Liked by 1 person

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