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Making The Case For: A Ms. Marvel Movie

Let’s get this straight: I love Marvel. What they’ve managed to do with their cinematic universe is nothing less than inspiring, especially since I was utterly disappointed with what Fox previously tried to do with theirs.


It’s okay, Fox. If X-Men: DOFP is awesome, I’ll forgive you. Mostly.

However, Marvel has managed to disappoint me in one thing and one thing only:

It’s cinematic universe lacks adequate diversity.


It is true and bear with me here as I explain my reasoning. And since the MCU is really Avengers-focused right now, I’m starting from there. More specifically, I’m going to explain why we need more women on this team—i.e. Ms. Marvel. Here are five reasons we need a Ms. Marvel movie:

#1: Team make-up

Look at this. This is a joke. This makes me think they just threw her in their so things wouldn't get too weird. Can you say sausage fest?

Look at this. This is a joke. This makes me think they just threw her in there so things wouldn’t get too weird. Can you say sausage fest?

The picture above is the number one reason a Ms. Marvel movie is needed. Black Widow is all alone when it comes to female power right now and it looks like she was just added in as an afterthought. Maybe that’s a little harsh, but that’s the vibe I’m getting. Additionally, Ms. Marvel would be the perfect person to add because she can definitely hold her own with the guys and there is a super commanding aura about her (I’ll get into her back-story later). Plus, there’s just too much testosterone present. I need some estrogen to balance that sh*t out.


Why do you think there were so much “pissing contests” in The Avengers? Not that it bothered me or anything, but, I’m just saying.

#2: There have been no (good) solo female hero/heroine movies.

I am aware that terribly, f*cking awful movies like Catwoman and Elektra exist and that they do feature female protagonists. Except you missed the part where I said they were awful.

Just so f*cking awful.

So, keeping this to the MCU, we have yet to see an awesome, solo movie with a female protagonist. The closest thing was Iron Man 2.

If you count Iron Man 2 as BLACK WIDOW…and company.

Anyways, the lack in such movies make me slightly annoyed with Marvel in this case. I like the rest of their movies just fine, but I feel like they forget that girls watch these things too. We want to see a movie that’s reflective of us too and there are plenty of kick-ass females in the Marvel universe that they could show that with.

Quite simply put, we’re not satisfied with being relegated to “side-kick/afterthought” status and Ms. Marvel would prove to be a great character to break that vicious cycle.



Take that comic book world. She's just as bad-ass as the rest of you.

Take that comic book world. She’s just as bad-ass as the rest of you.

#3: Marvel plans to go cosmic fairly soon.

With movies like Guardians of the Galaxy coming out soon, (seriously, go see that. It comes out August 2014), it’s not secret that Marvel plans to venture into to the more cosmic realm.

Which, let me tell you, is awesome.

Not only does that involve cool people like Captain Marvel, Nova, and Quasar, but it also involves the BAMF that is Ms. Marvel.

Quick backstory:

Carol Danvers joined the Air Force right out of high school and eventually found herself recruited by the likes of the C.I.A. and S.H.E.I.L.D. Eventually, she was tasked with keeping tabs on the likes of Captain Marvel, an alien soldier and Kree warrior. They eventually became friends and then lovers too. It was this fact that posed a problem when Danvers was later kidnapped by Colonel Yonn-Rogg, Captain Marvel’s mortal enemy. As a result, both Danvers and Marvel were caught in an explosion, along with that of a Kree Psyche-Magneton device. The energy from this explosion merged Danvers’ DNA with Marvel’s. It didn’t affect Captain Marvel much, but Danvers became Ms. Marvel right after this, now a very awesome mix of Kree and human genes.



Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel

Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel

Now tell me such a story doesn’t deserve an equally awesome film adaptation.

#4: Ms. Marvel’s story is super connected to S.H.E.I.L.D.

As mentioned above, a lot of Ms. Marvel’s story is intertwined with that of S.H.E.I.L.D. And since Marvel is currently going the everyone-and-their-mama-is-connected-to-S.H.E.I.L.D route, they would have no problem adding Ms. Marvel to their current cinematic universe. In addition, there is her whole air force/military background too and I would love to see them explore that also.



Carol Danvers as a S.H.E.L.D. agent and as Ms. Marvel

Carol Danvers as a S.H.E.L.D. agent and as Ms. Marvel

5: Beating back the “It won’t sell” argument.

Every time I bring people like Ms. Marvel up, I am automatically hit with the “It won’t sell argument”, because apparently, she’s not popular enough or whatever.

Seriously people. Is that all you’ve got?

My main rebuttal to this is the subject of Iron Man. Iron Man’s (initial) popularity was nowhere near that of the Hulk’s or even Captain America. Sure, people who followed the comics could attest to knowing him and all, but to the general populous, that was definitely not the case. Hell, when I heard that an Iron Man movie was coming in 2008, I kind of scratched my head. Even though I knew who he was and knew his history, imagining him on the big, silver screen was wishful thinking to me. However, I will be the first to admit that I was wrong.



Utterly and totally wrong.

Utterly and totally wrong.

Now look at him. Because of the work people like Jon Farveau, Kevin Feige, and Robert Downey Jr. did, Iron Man is super popular right now and I bet members of the general populous would not hesitate to identify him at this point. Sure, maybe he isn’t up there with icons like Superman or Batman, but you cannot deny the popularity that he does have.

And you know what?

I for one think that such success is possible for not only Ms. Marvel, but with other heroes and heroines as well.


I’m ready. Are you?

So Marvel? You now have no excuses.

None whatsoever.

Sources: Comicvine, Marvel

Images from: Thehollywoodreporter.com, Digitalspy.com, Marvel.com, Comicbookmovie.com, Dvdactive.com, Comicvine.com


What you think? Am I missing something? Sound off below!

4 thoughts on “Making The Case For: A Ms. Marvel Movie

  1. There are a few things I need to correct here.

    First, I think you’re confusing the normal Carol with the Ultimate Carol here and there. Normal Carol didn’t actually work for SHIELD; instead, she was Chief of Security at a NASA facility. She also wasn’t actually Captain Marvel’s lover – she was definitely attracted to him, but he was in love with a Kree woman named Una.

    The other correction I want to make: It shouldn’t be a Ms. Marvel movie. It should be CAPTAIN Marvel. That’s who Carol is now. That’s who she should remain. My own thought for the story: Carol can work for either NASA or SHIELD, and be sent to investigate an alien ship that crashed to Earth. She finds Mar-Vell, and he tells her about Yon-Rogg before the ship explodes, which kills him but the energy from the Kree engine somehow gives her great power, and she takes on the Captain Marvel name to honour him. Then at the end she stops Yon-Rogg from destroying the Earth with some Kree device, possibly similar to the one that gave her her powers. Give her a costume similar to the one she currently wears in the comics, rather than her bathing suit and thigh-high boots.

    The main reason I want her to be Captain rather than Ms. is because it suits her better. Ms. Marvel is a woman’s name. Captain Marvel is a soldier’s name. And Carol is, and has always been, a soldier at heart. It’s a core part of who she is as a person. She needs a name and costume that reflects that. Ms. Marvel comes across as “Hey, look! We have a woman! Aren’t we progressive?”


    • Thanks for your corrections! I’m trying get caught up on what I’ve missed with her and I was referring to what Marvel put on their own website. Additionally, I agree with the “Captain Marvel” title. I just wasn’t sure how recent that change was. As for the story, I wholeheartedly agree with you. It’d be an awesome way to introduce her.

      Haha. That costume is super outdated, isn’t it?

      I’m hoping they do this really soon.


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