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Natalie Portman Spills on Sequels for Thor: The Dark World


What really happened:

When it came to the possibility of making a third Thor film after Thor: The Dark World in the future, Natalie let the cat out of the bag. When Portman was asked about Anthony Hopkins, Portman’s co-star in the Thor films, she told E! News, “Yeah, well I think they are going to make a Thor 3, so Anthony will be pleased.”

When speaking about Thor: The Dark World, Portman said there will be “a lot of obstacles” in store for her and in-movie love interest, Chris Hemsworth.

As for her stunts she said, “I didn’t really have that much physical activity in this movie because I’m the weakling, the Earthling who needs to be shielded from all of it, because they’re all superior species, the Asgardians who are born warriors.”

What I really thought:

In a world where everyone is kind of strong and powerful for absolutely no reason, plus the level of exaggeration due to them trying to make a point, makes me think Jane is going to be just there. I know that it has been recently released that Jane is suffering from type of illness that will most likely kill her, so my thing is: Why are we bringing her along on this perilous journey that she will most likely die on?

The thought process has me going, “okay, she has to go on the cross realm trip, so that Thor and Jane can build a decent relationship unlike the one that was built in fewer than three days in the first Thor. At least in the first movie though, the MCU tried to make her more important to the plot by making her an astrophysicist. But now, how helpful can she really be in a world where there isn’t any set rules for science? So in my mind, she was just demoted to Yamcha—yes from Dragon Ball Z—with a uselessness level that is over 9,000.

Yamcha collage

Honestly, what could she be doing in Asgard besides dying?

Side note: What is with all of the rumors about one of the important female characters dying? Are we that eager to kill off one of the, like, four females in this movie? Everyone’s saying that it’s going to be either Frigga or Jane. If it was Frigga, which I think it will be, you can pinpoint the exact moment in the second trailer where it looks like she is going to die. I doubt it will be Jane, strange sickness and all, because that would be Marvel taking the easy way out.

Either way I can’t wait to see it.

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