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Pixar’s New Short ‘Toy Story of Terror’ Debuting on ABC in October

Prepared to be scared/entertained sh*t-less.

Prepared to be scared/entertained sh*t-less.

According to Screen Rant, Pixar will be rolling out a new short for television around October—specifically a few weeks before Halloween.

Such news comes in light of Disney’s D23 Expo, which wrapped up the previous weekend. Pixar has a history of not only creating awesome, brilliant, and thought-provoking movies, (we’ll excuse them for Brave), but they also have a rich history of beautifully-produced shorts—see Hawaiian Vacation and Partysaurus Rex for proof.

Moving on, Slash Films was awesome enough to elaborate on a description of the coming short and according to such a description, Toy Story of Terror sounds like it is going to be a delightfully outrageous nod to horror movies. It apparently takes place on the way to Bonnie’s house, when the family makes the very cliché mistake of stopping in the middle of nowhere—at a motel, specifically—for the night. Sh*t gets real when the toys start going missing, a debacle which is narrated by Mr. Pricklepants (Timothy Dalton). Here’s the description:

The special opens with black-and-white footage of humans running from Dracula in a graveyard. The scene turns out to be part of a movie that Rex and the other toys are watching in the back of a car, from their perch inside the trunk. A flat tire bumps Jessie into the tool chest, and the entire family pulls over into a roadside motel.

Later in the evening, the toys head out, splitting into smaller groups. Mr. Potato Head vanishes. As Woody, Buzz, and Jessie are investigating, Rex pushes them down a vent. A while later something grabs Woody and Buzz; it turns out to be Mr. Potato Head’s arm.

The characters (including Mr. Potato Head’s arm) wind up in a bathroom and then get taken too. Combat Carl shows up to warn Jessie that he’s seen things, horrible things, and that they’d better run back now. There’s a noise, and Combat Carl disappears, leaving Jessie alone in the bathtub.”

Holy sh*t.

That sounds delightfully and playfully scary.

Count me in!

Anyway, Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Wallace Shawn, Don Rickles, and Kristen Schaal are all planning to return reprise their roles for Toy Story of Horror.

Man, I have to say that I am hella excited. Anything that’s Toy Story-related and that will provide a good scare is a must-see in my book.

I think the only way to make this scarier/more awesome would be for Pixar to playfully direct this short found footage-style.


Imagine the chaos that would ensue!

Sources: Screenrant, /Film (Slash Film)

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***I was made aware that Planes is not a Pixar movie. My apologies.


What do you think? Is Pixar’s new short worth catching? Sound off below!

Toy Story of Terror will hit ABC at 8pm on Wednesday, October 16th!


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