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Author of ‘Fifty Shades’ Clocks in at #1 on ‘Forbes’ List

Though it pains me to say this, apparently, “Mommy Porn” is hot sh*t.

Remind me to never say that again.

Moving on, USA Today has reported that the British mastermind behind Fifty Shades of Grey—E. L. James—has somehow managed to top Forbes’ list of highest-earning authors, coming ahead of time and longevity defying authors like Stephen King and Danielle Steel.


The fact that she clocks in ahead of greats like J. K. Rowling, (also known as Robert Gailbraith if you’ve been keeping up with recent news), and George R. R. Martin makes very sad.

I'm going to need the people of the world to do better.

I’m going to need the people of the world to do better.

Anyways, James also managed to rake in around 95 million dollars in earnings, which also includes the 5 million she earned from the upcoming movie adaptation.


Here’s the full list below:

1. E.L. James ($95 million)

2. James Patterson ($91 million)

3. Suzanne Collins ($55 million)

4. Bill O’Reilly ($28 million)

5. Danielle Steel ($26 million)

6. Jeff Kinney ($24 million)

7. Janet Evanovich ($24 million)

8. Nora Roberts ($23 million)

9. Dan Brown ($22 million)

10. Stephen King ($20 million)

11. Dean Koontz ($20 million)

12. John Grisham ($18 million)

13. David Baldacci ($15 million)

14. Rick Riordan ($14 million)

15. J.K. Rowling ($13 million)

16. George R.R. Martin ($12 million)


***This list can also be viewed by visiting Forbes website:

Sources: USA Today, Forbes

Images from: (check out their art please!),


What do you think? Is E. L. James deserving of such a title? Sound of below!

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