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Eminem’s New Single ‘Survival’ Debuts Via ‘Call of Duty: Ghosts’ Ad


Fans who have been tirelessly waiting on Eminem‘s new single don’t have to wait any longer. According to USA Today, Survival, the rapper’s new unapologetically loud and awesome single, has dropped courtesy of a trailer for the new Call of Duty: Ghosts game.


That’s right.


If you weren’t excited enough for the bad-ass game, you now also have a bad-ass single on your hands.


Eminem’s new album, a follow-up from 2010’s Recovery, is expected to hit stores by the end of the year. However, expect Ghosts to grace the shelves around November 5th.


If you want do see the new ad for the Ghosts game, here’s the video below:


As for the single itself, Eminem is streaming it on his website. Here’s the link:



Source: USA Today

Image From: Huffingtonpost.com, Geekinsider.com

What do you think? Are you excited for Ghosts? Are you excited for Eminem’s new album? Sound off below!

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