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Forest Whitaker Proves He’s Still the Man with ‘The Butler’

Forest is back.

Not that he ever left or anything.

Anyhow, Whitaker will be playing a man who has worked in the White House for 34 years.

You read that right.

Sources like Entertainment Weekly and New York magazine have described his performance as nothing short of “finely tuned” (New York magazine) and “mesmerizing” (Entertainment Weekly).

Of course, The Butler—while it is his most high-profile role of the year—is not his only role of the year. He will be visiting the big screen again in movies like Black Nativity, (comes out this November), and Out of the Furnace, (comes out this December). As a bonus, Whitaker even produced the critically acclaimed, darling of a movie Fruitvale Station.


Whitaker is going to be tearing up Oscar season.

Just wait.

And this honestly doesn’t surprise me.

Many of you may remember him from his Oscar-winning role in 2006’s The Last Kind of Scotland. He played crazy ass dictator Idi Amin and wowed audiences and critics alike.


Whitaker in The Last King of Scotland.

But if you ask him about all of that, Oscar included, he’ll probably say something like this:

I feel very proud of the projects.” He told USA Today.

Dude’s a class act.

And I wish him the best in the world.


If you plan on The Butler, it does in fact come out the Friday. Here’s the trailer below:



Sources: USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine

Images From:,,


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