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Still On Track: New Lindsay Website Goes Online; Lohan Thanks Fans for Support

Lindsay Lohan is on a string of good luck lately and it’s clear that nothing is holding her down.

Lohan recently scored a guest-starring gig on raunchy sitcom Eastbound & Down on HBO. To follow that up, she has decided to launch her own website. She opens it with these words:

Welcome to my new site…Your support has been everything. I’m so excited for what’s next. Xo.”

The website features some of what she’s been up to since rehab, including her guest-hosting gig on Chelsea Lately and her upcoming interview with Oprah this coming Sunday.

It seems that LiLo cannot be stopped.

And I, for one, am happy with that.

Here’s a picture of her website below:

Go ahead, LiLo! Looking good.

Go ahead, LiLo! Looking good.

If you want to check it out, here’s the link also:


And if you haven’t seen it yet, this is the promo for Lindsay’s upcoming interview:


Sources: E! News

Images From: Lindsaylohan.com, Ontheredcarpet.com


What do you think? Will her success last? Sound off below!

Sound off!

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