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Just in case you didn’t know, this relatively catchy-ass term is an acronym for ‘adult child of divorce’.

I expect its usage to be rampant very soon.

Moving on, the acronym’s meaning is the very premise for Stuart Zicherman’s new movie A.C.O.D. Here’s a quick synopsis: The film follows the trials and tribulations of Carter (Adam Scott), (A.C.O.D. in question), as he attempts to find a way to deal with his two fighting parents (Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara) in the midst of the upcoming wedding of younger brother Trey (Clark Duke).

Sounds interesting right?

Besides that, this movie not only boasts a very well-received opening at the Sundance Film Festival, but it also boasts a wonderful cast that includes greats like the Jane Lynch, Amy Poehler, Clark Duke, Jessica Alba, the aforementioned Richard Jenkins and Catherine O’Hara and Adam Scott himself.


The A.C.O.D., minus Jane Lynch.

I’m particularly interested in seeing how Scott does. He’s pretty awesome on Parks and Recreation and I’m hoping to see him succeed in A.C.O.D. Hopefully, this proves to be his breakout film.

Here’s the trailer below:


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(A.C.O.D. will be released in theaters October 4, 2013.)

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