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‘N Sync Reunion Still Pending, Not Definite Yet

If you’ve been keeping up with music-related news, then you know that there’s been a lot of talk and chatter about ‘N Sync reuniting this coming Sunday to perform at MTV’s Video Music Awards.

However, a handful of sources are reporting that it is definitely not a done deal yet.

According to E! News, US Weekly reported earlier today that the ‘N Sync reunion was still in its planning stages. This is a quote given to a E! News reporter by an undisclosed source:

They’re in Miami right now trying to put something together, if anything at all. It may not be a performance.”

The group last performed together at the Grammys in 2003, where they paid tribute to the Bees Gees.

Regardless, reps for Justin Timberlake and MTV haven’t confirmed any of this; so I’d take all this talk of a reunion with a grain of salt.



Source: E! News

Images From: Thebraiser.com

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