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Juicy J Offers Scholarship to Best Twerker

So, rapper Juicy J has decided to give a $50,000 scholarship to the girl he believes has the best twerking ability. I’m not really sure how to feel about this situation, I mean on one hand someone will be granted the opportunity to further their education, but  on the other hand I cannot understand why it is that twerking is the requirement versus a girl’s GPA.

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with twerking in general I just wish that entertainers would glorify intelligence even half as much as ass shaking. Honestly I would have even felt better if he had said he would provide a scholarship to the person that wrote the best and most creative song. As he is a rapper it would make sense for him to try to inspire creativity in people, but it is his money I guess he can spend it in whatever way he pleases.

I kind of still feel the need to give Juicy J a little credit for at least giving someone a chance. There are those who spent their entire high school careers keeping their grades up, doing community service, and writing lengthy papers in order to go to college, yet are now faced with unspeakable because it just wasn’t enough. This scholarship is going to help someone who wants to move forward in life that’s always a good thing, so more power to him.



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