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Strange Man Secretly Living in Jennifer Lopez’s Pool House Charged with Stalking and Burglary

Well, that’s not something you read everyday.

According to E! News, a couple of workers were alerted to Jennifer Lopez‘s home—in Southampton, N.Y.—on August 8, 2013, when a strange man was reported on her property.

E! News was able to get a hold of a the police report for the incident. In the report, 49-year-old John M. Dubis, a man from Rhode Island, was found to have been secretly living in Lopez’s pool house for about a week—unbeknownst to Lopez whatsoever. When arrested, Dubis was charged with burglary, criminal contempt, stalking, and possession of burglar tools. He is apparently pleading not guilty.


Is there anything people won’t do to get close to their favorite stars?

I gotta admit that this is kind of as crazy as that one guy who swam all the way to Taylor Swift‘s Rhode Island house.


That happened.

Glad to hear that Lopez is okay and that no one was seriously hurt from this incident.



Source: E! News

Images from: Usmagazine.com

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