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[UPDATE] Elizabeth Olsen and Bradley Cooper are in Talks With Marvel

Apparently, Elizabeth Olsen and Bradley Cooper are actually up for the roles Scarlet Witch and Rocket Raccoon, respectively.

I guess the Latino-Review was on to something after all.

I’m still a little bummed that there was no big Facebook/Twitter tease.

Anyways, THR recently confirmed that Olsen and Cooper were both currently in negotiations with Marvel Studios for their aforementioned roles. If everything goes smoothly, the only characters left to cast will be Thanos, Quicksilver, and Ultron.


Marvel isn’t wasting any kind of time.

Of course, Aaron Taylor-Johnson did confirm some time ago that he was also speaking with the powers that be about the Quicksilver role. However, we have yet to know whether he’ll be confirmed or not.

Like I said on earlier posts, Olsen and Cooper will be very fine choices for Scarlet Witch and Rocket Raccoon. However, like everyone else, I’m hoping some pretty bad-ass people get cast as Thanos and Ultron.


Sources: Screen Rant, THR

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What do you think about Marvel’s current casting choices? Sound off below!


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