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Ben Affleck Exits ‘The Stand’ – Scott Cooper in Talks to Direct

Even though most of us still have our “WTF” faces on, myself included, the show must go on.

I wish I was.

And on that note, Screen Rant and Deadline are reporting that newly, minted Batfleck Batman star, Ben Affleck, has been forced to vacate his position as the director of Steven King‘s post-apocalyptic story, The Stand.

I mean, it mostly makes sense. With Batfleck Affleck having to attend to Batfleck-Batman-related duties, he won’t have any extra time on his hands to direct the aforementioned film for WB. In addition to that, there hadn’t really been any updates about the film since Batfleck Affleck last discussed it in 2012. He had mentioned having some issues shrinking the extensive 800 – 1,100 page book into a proper script.

I can understand that. Imagine all that inner monologue and setting description that has to be scrapped.


What that process looks like.

What that process looks like.

What that process feels like.

In Batfleck’s Affleck’s absence, WB will most likely be hiring Scott Cooper for the task of re-writing and directing The Stand. Cooper is, of course, a fine choice. Even though his resume shows that he’s more heavily into the indie movie scene, (his movie, Crazy Heart, won Jeff Bridges an Oscar and his movie, Out of the Furnace—which features Christian Bale and Casey Affleck—is set to cruise into theaters this year), his track record with quality storytelling proves that making the jump to big-budget pictures like The Stand is not impossible for him.


Source: Screen Rant, Deadline

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What do you think? Is Cooper the right choice? Sound off below!

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