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Chris Brown Biopic?

So, apparently Chris Brown is in the process of having a film made about himself directed by John Singleton. Some may recognize Singleton’s name as he directed both Boyz N The Hood and Poetic Justice. Brown posted about the upcoming film on his Instagram page.


He has not currently been getting very good press; so the announcing of this project has been met with quite a bit of mockery. In the past two days alone, Brown has gone on Twitter rants about how the DA is racist, how he can’t catch a break, and ranty rant rant rant. I guess his hope is to tell his whole story, and somehow gain the favor of the public. He isn’t in a position in his career to have a biopic, in my humble opinion. I believe one should be in a place of legendary, or at least out of their twenties before they have a movie made about their life.

Who knows, maybe the film will be interesting, and present a side to Brown rarely shown, or should I say publicized. It may very well inspire some in a positive way. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

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