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Director Joss Whedon Plays with the Idea of Possibly Killing Off an Avenger


Emperor/overseer of the Marvel Cinematic Universe/your awesomeness Joss Whedon recently sat down with EW to talk about the possibility of actually killing of an Avenger (if you count Coulson).

If you’re a Whedon fan, you know that on top of his excellent character development skills, Whedon has a penchant for killing off beloved characters and most of the time he’s not even sorry.

Yup. It’s his shtick, man

Anyways, here’s what he told Entertainment Weekly about the subject:

I’m always joking about that. Um…maybe? But, I’d have to have a really good reason, a really great sequence for [Marvel executives] to go, ‘We’ll cut off a potential franchise  that’s fine!’ They know as any good studio does, that without some stakes, some real danger, how involved can we get? We don’t just rule it out across the board, but neither is the mission statement ‘Who can we kill?’ We try to build on the story organically and go, ‘How hard can we make it on these people?’ You go to the movies to see people you love suffer-that’s why you go to the movies.”

That’s right protagonist. Go ahead and suffer…even though I’ll be cheering for you in the end.

Damn it.

He’s onto me.

Except where Coulson is concerned. I went to see The Avengers upwards of four times in theaters and I was livid/distraught every time he got “killed”.


I’m that person.

Damn you, Whedon. Damn you for playing with my emotions

Moving on, with the addition of newcomers like Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen), and the fact that there haven’t be any renegotiated contracts besides that of Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. (I’m convinced they’re the same person), it makes sense that Whedon and his compadres at Marvel are thinking of creative, yet compelling ways to change up the roster for future movies.

With that being said, I’m curious as to who is potentially up for the killing. Being completely honest, I’d rather no one be offed just yet, but if I had to bet on who will probably be going first, I’d probably be betting on either Hawkeye, Captain America, and Iron Man (in that very same order).

Even though Hawkeye will apparently be getting some more screen time and much needed development, I have this eerie feeling that all of that will come with some sort of price. In addition to that, the powers that be down at Screen Rant have tossed around some interesting Civil War theories and even though a bunch key players in that war are scattered throughout various studios in Hollywood, Marvel still has their hands on major players like Cap and Iron Man.

Who knows what they could do with an arc like that.


The possibilities are endless.


This explains itself.

This explains itself.

Side-note: I can’t forget to honorably mention Scarlet Witch. If she’s involved, f*ckery is bound to go down.


In closing, even though I have no idea where the hell Marvel wishes to go next (aside from their tentative Phase 2 and Phase 3 plans), I’m excited about what Whedon and company have yet to bring forth.


So, strap yourself in Whedonites and Marvel fans. Joss Whedon is definitely taking you for a ride.



Sources: Screen Rant, Entertainment Weekly

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What do you think? Which Avenger might meet a tragic end? Sound off below!

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