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[RUMOR UPDATE]: Star Wars Episode VII to Begin Filming January 2014

Like I’ve mentioned before, nothing super concrete has been released about this movie so far.

So, let the rumors begin continue.

The last big word on Star Wars: Episode VII was the rumor that the movie might possibly be landing into theaters December 2015 because of stiff summer competition. As of now, however, the powers that be down at Latino Review are currently reporting that filming will begin production on the movie in January 21, 2014.

Usually, reports from Latino Review can go either way, but this actually lines up with what what producer Bryan Burke talked about a few months ago (he mentioned the possibility of filming by early 2014).

If this is the case, the previously rumored December 2015 date could work, or they could hypothetically push for a summer of 2015 release that. But…that would be inadvisable, as I’ve said previously

Seriously. Don’t rush this Disney/Lucasfilm.

Anyways, Latino Review’s sources are also saying that Disney/Lucasfilm might have fallen behind on development for the movie, which would explain why the December 2015 is being tossed around a lot more.

It would also explain why we don’t know any actual, concrete sh*t about this movie other than these rumors.



It feels like Disney/Lucasfilm might be saying this to us.


But again, it kind of makes sense. This is not just any movie, people. This is a Star Wars movie and Disney/Lucasfilm will be putting in some serious sh*t work to get this thing done. So, let’s hope it all pays off and hopefully we’ll have some confirmed information about the movie soon.


Sources: Screen Rant, Latino Review

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