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[RUMOR]: Rachel Hurd-Wood & Alex Pettyfer Up for Roles in Star Wars VII?

Latino Review is at it again.

But this time, they may actually be on to something.

In light of recent news that Star Wars is to begin filming/production in January, the buzz about the potential cast—aside from the likes of Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford—has only gotten stronger and is expected to pick up.

Such buzz has brought up names like Rachel Hurd-Wood and Alex Pettyfer. Latino Review recently reported that Hurt-Wood had apparently auditioned for the role Princess Leia and Han Solo‘s daughter already. This bit of news actually isn’t a total rumor, seeing as Latino Review was able to confirm with Hurd-Wood’s representatives that she had done so already.

Don’t get excited though. She hasn’t been confirmed for the role.

Moving on, they also reported that Pettyfer has an upcoming meeting of sorts with J.J. Abrams for an unknown lead role. Regardless of that “unknown” tidbit, people are tossing around all sorts of theories about his involvement, the most popular one pegging him as auditioning for the role of Luke Skywalker’s son. It’s also being reported that Ryan Gosling previously turned down the role (I’m not sure how true that actually is, but okay).

Hopefully, we’ll here more soon.


Sources: Screen Crush, Latino Review

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