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New ‘Arrow’ Poster Showcases Cast

Even though Arrow won’t be returning to for second season until October 9, the internet seems to be attempting to keep us busy updating with casting news. On top of that, footage from Comic-Con 2013 has showed up just in time for a new Arrow poster to debut.

And, instead of it an explosion of abs like usual, the poster seems adamant about shining the light on the entire cast. Here’s the poster below (courtesy of TVLine):


In addition to the characters shown on the poster (Manu Bennett/Slade Wilson, Emily Bett Rickards/Felicity Smoak, just to name a few), Arrow fans can also look forward to the addition of new villains Isabel Rochev (Summer Glan), Brother Blood, (Kevin Alejandro), Bronze Tiger (Micheal Jai White), Sin (Bex Taylor Klaus), and the much talked about League of Assassins member Awwal/Al-Owal (Navid Negahban).

If that alone doesn’t excite you, don’t forget that WB/DC have been actively talking about incorporating The Flash into the series. So, though he has yet to be cast yet, that’s another thing to look forward to.

Yup. Get excited!

Anyways, if you didn’t get to check out the Arrow-related Comic-Con footage, you can do so below:


Source: Screen Crush, TVLine

Images From: Screen Crush, TV Line,,

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