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Review Roundup: Getaway

The topic of today’s Roundup, is the supposedly fast-paced, action thriller, Getaway. The film stars the awesome Ethan Hawke as the protagonist, best known for his action and thriller films such as Training Day, Assualt on Precinct 13 and more recently Sinister and The Purge. Hawke’s acting prowess is joined by the talents of the legendary Jon Voight who enters the plot as a mysterious man who gives Hawke a plethora of orders/jobs in order to get back his abducted wife.


Seems simple enough.

I mean what could be better than fast cars, Ethan Hawke and Jon Voight in one movie?

A lot, apparently when you take into account that Selena Gomez is there. Now, I’m not trying to knock the young star, but just seeing her face in the trailer for the three seconds they decide to allot her may have been enough to drive me in the opposite direction.  Granted, I believe that all child stars, and stars in general deserve a good film in which to show their proverbial acting chops.  But when you negate an already decent TV show with a less than stellar singing career—her performance at the MTV Movie Awards happened—you are reduced to giving her a side-eye.

And we have evidence for this.

Here’s the Link:

Selena Gomez at the MTV Movie Awards

download (11)

This happened…

Then, there is the whole lack of plot problem. I knew something was wrong in the trailer when I noticed that the whole of it was taking place at night.  So does the entire movie span the whole of one night? If so, the plot already isn’t where it’s supposed to be.

Let’s see what the critics think:

“Maybe the title isn’t a title, but an instruction: “Getaway,” away from this movie, and fast,” says Bill Goodykoontz of
Arizona Republic.

Colin Covert of Minneapolis Star Tribune states, “It doesn’t have a plot, really. It’s more a first draft of an outline of a notion.”

“Getaway” gets itself embroiled in all sorts of inane situations. Then director Courtney Solomon forgets to give us that basic thrill of all car-chase flicks: watching the car barrel toward its destination,” states Joe Neumaier for New York Daily News.

However, this one takes the cake.

“Perhaps more suitably titled “GoPro: The Movie,” “Getaway” is a movie for people who think “Taken” is too complicated,” The Wrap’s Todd Gilchrist.

images (23)

Why hasn’t his car exploded yet? Was everything that GTA taught me a lie?

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