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Bill Murray Dons Liberace Get-Up to Help David Letterman Mark Late Show’s 20th Anniversary

I’m sorry.

I couldn’t write that headline with a straight face.

Brb, laughing forever.

Anyways, celebrated funnyman Bill Murray decided to help his pal David Letterman celebrate Late Show’s 20th anniversary by dressing up as Liberace and stopping by.

Rolls Royce, Liberace music, white dog and all:

Even though some may think this was all over the top, (I certainly don’t), this was all very appropriate, seeing as the star was Letterman’s first guest ever (both on Letterman’s NBC program Late Night and even again when he moved to the Eye network).

Murray and Letterman were sure to trade some good-natured banter after the grand entrance:

Dave: “I didn’t know you had a dog.”

Murray: I had to get something that went with this outfit (This is while channeling his best Liberace impression).

Dave: “Well, my heart has now taken flight.”

Murray: Thank you, Dave. You know, I love you, audience. I love you. But I don’t have time tonight. Cause I’m only here for one reason,” (turns and points to Letterman). 

After this, Murray declared his love for Letterman by presenting him with a very nice gift: a colossal billboard of Murray’s unforgettable mug which read: Bill Murray wishes Dave a Happy 20th Anniversary.

Aww! Ain’t that sweet?

Here’s a clip of the festivities:

Murray’s shenanigans didn’t stop there, however. He did everything from looking for a time capsule he supposedly left buried on Letterman’s set two decades prior to shredding up a set where he discovered a New York Post headline featuring Letterman’s nemesis, Jay Leno:

After that, he then dug up an old Billboard magazine from 1993. After inspecting it and reflecting on his first appearance on Letterman’s CBS program, he questioned Letterman on the #1 song in country at that time. When Letterman couldn’t answer, he questioned Paul Shaffer and his band about it and then pulled out a horribly sung, but funny ass rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. Dave was done at this point; he laughed so hard:


Do I love me some Bill Murray.

Anyways, we at Sublime Zoo wish David Letterman a happy 20th anniversary. Here’s to hoping that the next 20 years are equally as awesome.

Source: E! News

Images From: Insidetv.ew.com

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