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My Take on The Top Songs of Summer


So I was trolling on the internet–keeping it PG–and stumbled upon E! News’ list of the Top 19 songs of summer. One, since I am slightly OCD, I had a problem accepting that there were only 19 songs on the list. C’mon, guy’s that’s not even an even number! Two, there were songs that should not have been on the list.  Now, before everyone gives me the side-eye, this is simply my take on the songs that made the summer.

For this list, I’m taking into account the playability–meaning my willingness to sit through the song– and volume factor — how high I am turning that baby up on the radio.

So here goes!

  1. Blurred Lines“, by Robin Thicke featuring Pharrell and T.I. (the original non-Miley edition). Sure, this song had it’s fair share of controversy, but it didn’t stop me from blasting this song shamelessly in the McDonald’s drive-thru while the employees gave me the eye.
  2. Treasure” by Bruno Mars: I hate to say it but I am, I actually like this song. It’s a song by Bruno that’s totally not depressing, for once, so it made my playlist. Also, the fact that it is the song featured on an American Eagle commercial that airs every ten minutes helps to ensure you remember this friggin’ song. Oh and the moment you start singing this song to your mother and it makes her uncomfortable, that’s when you realized it’s a keeper.
  3. Get Lucky” by Daft Punk featuring Pharrell. Pharrell came out of questionable, fashion hiding and started doing something he was actually good at: awesome collabos! At one point, you couldn’t sit in traffic without hearing that song more than three times; I kid you not.
  4. Summertime Sadness (Remix)Lana Del Rey. Even though the track was released over a year ago, it was re-released by Cedric Gervais as a remix and it got even more notoriety. Part of me wants to give partial credit to the Great Gatsby trailers which featured her song “Young and Beautiful” and helped push her back into the public’s eye. I have long since been a fan of anything Lana Del Rey and the revamped version picks up were the original left off.
  5. Suit & Tie,” Justin Timberlake featuring Jay Z. The song started off as the highlight of summer before Blurred Lines took it’s place. This song at first had me happily humming/singing obnoxiously along…until the song soon turned obnoxious itself. The moment when Old Navy manages to cram this song into your shopping experience four times in one go is overkill. Alright, it seems cool at first when you do your wanna-be modeling montage in the dressing room, but beyond that, it’s annoying. But, I shall give it’s dues because who can say “no” to JT? No one, that’s who.
  6. The Way” by Ariana Grande. It was this single that made me realize that she may be way to good for Nickelodeon –sorry Nick Cannon, but I will back you on that ‘Ass for Miley’ Fund–and she should just hurry up and come out with a full-fledged album. Even if you can’t hit those Mariah Carey notes along with Ariana, it’s okay as long as you think you can…and you’re home alone when you do it. Meanwhile, I am in the corner turning into Smeagol waiting for this album.


    I’m sorry…I went there…

  7. Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities. I was singing along to this song without really knowing who sang the song until finally I slapped myself out of my sing-along stupor and shazamed the song. I have no idea who Capital Cities are outside of this song, but God bless them. For all of you that didn’t know before, now you do and in the words of Awkward‘s infamous number one “Popular Girl” Sadie Saxton’s words: “You’re welcome”.
  8. Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake. I know, “Why is he here again?” This is my answer in whiny voice: “But it’s Justin Timberlake!” Deep, deep, deep down in my heart, I am a “ride or die” JT fan. Like seriosuly. It’s on that Fast & Furious level. And sometimes, I wish he was singing this song to me. Just let me dream.

    images (24)

    “Ride or Die”…Are you ready Justin?

  9. Applause” by Lady Gaga. Ever since I wrote a post about this song earlier in the month, I have been singing it’s praises literally. In my opinion, even though i know there is no war and I am making something out of nothing, let me just say that Gaga won. In the battle of the leaked tracks against Katy Perry’s “Roar”–which sound like a Sara Bareilles‘ “Brave” that was made even more mainstream than it already was–Gaga’s trial of a new sound worked. Truthfully, had it been released earlier it would have made it much higher on the list.
  10. Power Trip,” by J. Cole and featuring Miguel. The perfect example of hip hop blending perfect beats with a slight mix of emotion. It It has the right mix of melody and lyrical sensitivity…without turning into Drake. No hard feelings though.

*Honorable Mention: The whole of Justin’s MTV VMA performance, including N’SYNC


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