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[UPDATE]: Lamar Odom’s Driver’s License to be Suspended for 1 Year

In addition to Odom’s DUI charge this morning, the basketball star’s driver’s license has been officially suspended. 


This story is getting crazier and more unfortunate as more details surface.

Anyways, E! News was able to speak to Public Information Officer Leland Tang later this morning and he confirmed that Odom’s license is suspended and that he will have to reapply in a year and take a written test.

Backtracking a little, according the report that followed his arrest, Odom was seen driving very erratically at 50 mph, (which happened to be 15 miles below the speed limit). When he was eventually pulled over by police, Odom failed to pass a field sobriety test and outright refused to take a chemical sobriety test.

Friends of Odom and his wife, Khloé Kardashian Odom, are rallying behind the couple and hoping that this incident will “serve to be his wake up call” (E! News).

Here’s to hoping they can work this out.


Sources: E! News

Images From: Celebnmusic247.com



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