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Legendary Animation Master Hayao Miyazaki Retiring

Yes, you unfortunately read that right.

I can’t.

According to Variety and the New York Times, Hayao Miyazaki, legendary Japanese animation director, will be retiring soon.

Brb, crying forever and ever.

At 72, Miyazaki—who has 11 animated movies and over 34 years of experience under his belt—has directed beloved movies like Spirited Away and Kiki’s Delivery Service. He won an Oscar for Spirited Away—for best animated feature—in 2003.

Miyazaki also recently released his latest project The Wind Rises. The Wind Rises, which as already been released in Japan, has made 80 million dollars. The movie is slated to be shown this month at the Toronto International Film Festival and the New York Film Festival. No official release date for US theaters has been set.

However, in light of such news, it will now serve as his final film.

Koji Hoshino, the president of Miyazaki’s production company, Studio Ghibli, talked to a reporter at the Venice Film Festival about the matter:

Miyazaki has decided that “Kaze Tachinu” (The Wind Rises) will be his last film, and he will now retire.”

Hoshino didn’t have much to say besides that, but did add that Miyazaki would be holding a briefing next week, in Japan, about the matter.

Even though such news pains me, I am grateful for the 34 years of beautiful movies that he gave all of us. In fact, I hope his retirement is equally as beautiful. He deserves it.

Thank you, Miyazaki. Thank you for everything.


Sources: Variety, The New York Times

Images From: Vk.com


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