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Make Way for Fall: Clothing Change-Up

Fotor090134154Fall is almost here! And as an almost completely broke college student, a key factor in buying clothes are: can I wear this piece next season? This, for a lot of ladies, is the biggie. Between books, bills, and basically just living, we have just enough money to splurge on a one time–wearing it once, of course– buy. But now it’s time for that to change.

You know all of those cute, girly sundresses that you practically lived in the entire summer? Well, it’s time to toughen up. Your dresses that is.

Instead of tossing, donating, burning, or just plain pushing it to the back of the closet, toughen it up with accessories. It’ s time for an East meets West union…almost. That leather moto jacket that you bought on sale at Nordstrom that is currently collecting dust in storage somewhere–because summers intense heat is unbearable–can be paired with that lacy white knee length dress that you really are having problems parting with.

And if you’re like me, tomboy meets chic, you’re going to throw a beanie on with your signature combat boots.

All of this was bought under $200

All of this was bought under $200

If color is more your thing…


Guess What? The total was around $150.

Sound off!

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