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THE TRAILER HAS DROPPED: BBC One’s New Trailer – ‘Sherlock’, ‘Musketeers’, & More

Rejoice, fans of BBC!

Even though they’ve been mostly secretive about what footage/promo material they release, BBC released a promo trailer for their whole line-up of upcoming shows—with shows like Sherlock, Musketeers and etc included:

Enjoy this moment. You deserve it.

Previously, all most of us had seen a 30-second trailer of Sherlock, even as dedicated Sherlock fans eagerly awaited season 3. Although, it makes a little sense. According to a tweet from writer Mark Gattis, filming for Sherlock’s third season just recently wrapped up and the first new episode is expected to debut this fall.

Either way, Sherlock definitely has some explaining to do if he wants to get back in John’s good graces after that fake death stunt.

He is not amused, Sherlock.

Here’s the tweet in question from writer Mark Gattis:

However, as mentioned earlier, Sherlock isn’t the only show that gets a piece of the action in the new trailer. The trailer also includes news series The Musketeers, which will be based on Alexander Dumas’ famed novel; a miniseries called The Great Train Robbery; What Remains, a show that appears to look like a murder-mystery and By Any Means, a crime drama.

On top of that, Matthew Macfayden will be returning for Ripper Street, a 19th century police procedural, while Gabriel Byrne will be staring in a 1950s period drama called Quirke, as a chief pathologist working in a Dublin Morgue.

Moving on, if you’re were expecting a little peek at Doctor Who, I am disappointed to report that it doesn’t show up in the trailer. However, if you’re missing the Tenth Doctor, Dave Tennant, you should definitely check out him out in the three-episode miniseries called The Escape Artist. You’ll also probably be seeing Peter Capaldi, the Twelfth Doctor, around, since he’ll be making an appearance as Cardinal Richelieu in The Musketeers.


Tennant in The Escape Artist and Capaldi in Musketeers.

I think the trailer looks great and all of the shows featured in it have very intriguing premises. Hopefully, most of them make their ways to us oversea fans.


Sources: Screen Rant
Images: BBC,, Screen Rant,,, 


Sherlock: Season 3 is expected to return to BBC One in late 2013 and on PBS in 2014.

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