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Zoe Saldana and Bradley Cooper Reunite for GOTG

Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana

The former couple that called it quits in 2012 are reunited and it feels so good (I couldn’t resist). Bradley and Zoe are getting back together…on screen. This will be the second film Cooper and Saldana have starred in together since meeting on the first in 2010 called The Words. Both Bradley and Saldana have moved on since their split, being linked to Suki Waterhouse and Marco Perego respectively.

Marvel‘s Guardians of the Galaxy has already gotten Lee Pace, Djimon Hounsou, Benicio del Toro, John C. Reilly, Chris Pratt and Glenn Close on board.

I doubt there will be any awkwardness between them as Cooper is voicing a character, Rocket Raccoon, rather than being actively on set like Saldana (who plays Gamora, The “adopted” daughter of Thanos).  Although, things might get weird once it gets closer to its premiere date due to the promotional tour that a production studio as large and successful as Marvel is bound to have.

Only time will tell if drama ensues.

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