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1D’s Harry Styles: Twerking Is “Quite Inappropriate”

Look at that focus!

Look at that focus!

First off, for those who don’t know –I really hope you do know…unless you’ve been living in Gotham for the last month or so, then you have a legitimate reason not to care. Daredevil’s running around town in a cape, hitting people with his decked out car (even if he has super senses, he should not be allowed to drive); people are trying to poison the water supply everyday; the Joker is on the loose somewhere and then there are booty ass cops…so you’re excused.

Here’s Morgan Freeman (who also lives in Gotham), the voice of God, to tell you.

In an interview with Moviefone, the This Is Us stars were asked who among them was the best twerker.

“I think Niall,” Liam said. “Niall has the most twerking experience.”

Harry, however, gave credit where credit was due, saying, “I think Miley‘s the best.”

Niall had to agree, admitting, “Yeah, Miley’s the best. She’s great.”

And what if, hypothetically, any of the 1D boys were to face Ms. Cyrus in a twerk-off?  “I think Harry would win,” Niall offered.

“Yeah?” Harry asked, turning to Niall. “No, I reckon you would win.”

Side-note: I actually think I would win against Miley, here’s why:

  • Though I have no twerking skill whatsoever, this was me in a past life…
  • This is what I am working with…

It’s real…no injections…

  • And don’t forget this one…

Anyway, back to the interview:

Louis couldn’t help but note, “Everyone buzzes off this twerk thing!”

“Personally, I think it’s overly sexual,” Liam said.

Harry agreed wholeheartedly, saying, “I think it’s quite inappropriate…especially with the age groups that it’s aimed at.”

When the interviewer asked if the boys worried about how young some 1D fans are, Harry quipped, “When they’re twerking, yes! I think,  you know, [twerking] is promoting promiscuity.”

…That’s not what you said/did at the Teen Choice Awards Harry…

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