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Cam Newton’s 3 Rules for “Swaggerific” Style

cam-newton-01What exactly is swag?

Today, we are going to use The Urban Dictionary Version, because only stupid sh*t like “twerk” and “selfie” can make it in to Oxford…


  1. Orginally from the Scottish slang word “swagger” which was a description of the way some Scots walk (in a swaying motion), the word was then misinterpreted by the English as “the way some one presents themselves”. Eg, whether someone looks cool. The word quickly made its way to the states and has ever since become the catchphrase of tools everywhere.
  2. Appearance, style, or the way he or she presents themselves.

For the sake of this entry, we are going with number 2.

Cam Newton of the Carolina Panthers has really taken charge of his personal style with his recently launched Made Cam Newton clothing line, which is available at retailer Belk. Football uniforms aren’t the most stylish outfits out there (even Gaga left the shoulder pads alone), but many NFL players make up for their work attire (sweaty, dirty and overall grossness) with dapper duds off the field.

“My mom used to load up my brothers and I, and spend hours shopping at Belk while we played in the racks,” the athlete told E! News.  “So, it’s always something I dreamed about. Having my own collection that I designed with the Belk designers—that is really something really cool to see.”


Fans can choose to channel his off-duty style with his collection of V-necks, suits, loafers and more that are available through his clothing line. Newton also took the time to share a few tips for the gentleman who wants to dress to impress.

Here’s what he had to say:

1. Iron, Man: When asked about the one fashion item that every guy should own, Newton was quick to name a good-fitting jacket. “Wear it with jeans for date night or wear it to church with slacks,” he advised. Pretty versatile, huh? He also had a few tips for maintaining the piece. “Keep it looking nice—not wrinkled and iron it. I went to college thinking everyone knew how to iron and was surprised to learn that they don’t. But my mother taught me that ironing was important to look sharp, so learn how to iron, my fellas. It comes in handy.”

2. Button Up: What does Newton reach for when he has a big night out? “Depends on what kind of an evening I’m having, but a good button down shirt is the common thread,” he reveals. “A pressed shirt that fits well and is tailored correctly is a must for a night out no matter the destination.”

3. Grab a Girlfriend: Looks like the ladies aren’t the only ones who call on their girlfriends when it comes to wardrobe advice. “Bring an honest woman with you to shop (your mom, friend, sister, whomever). You know, when you look good and sharp—I call it ‘swaggerific.'”

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