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Fifty Shades Casting Gets Backlash


Is this going to be the same thing that happened to Ben Affleck?

I doubt it because my dear friend Lex is not here to throw things around my house, scream — possibly bursting approximately three blood vessels– and follow up with passing out on the floor with speechlessness.

But there is backlash…just to a lesser degree.

It was announced Monday (September 2, for you guys that don’t know) that Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson would be starring in the movie version of Fifty Shades of Grey. But while I, myself, don’t really care, many people were livid (most likely middle aged housewives…not trying to be mean, I’m just putting it out there that they were the target audience…I think) at the choices for Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele and they then did what most people do now these days–go to Twitter with their problems.

The backlash was almost similar to what happened just weeks ago when Ben Affleck was announced as Batman in the Man of Steel sequel (whether it will span ass loads of memes and GIFs…only time will tell).

Fifty shades producer Dana Brunetti felt the backlash firsthand. “@DanaBrunetti knows how @BenAffleck feels today,” wrote a fan, as retweeted by Brunetti himself. “There’s a reason these guys are successful people. #chillthef–kout”

At least he is confident with the choice.

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