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Hans Zimmer Talks ‘Man of Steel’ Sequel, Not Sure If He’ll Score It

Even though the reception for Man of Steel was quite divisive, most of us agree that the score for that movie was damn near perfect and is probably one of Hans Zimmer‘s most impressive scores in recent history (aside from the The Dark Knight Trilogy).

That being said, however, a lot of people are now wondering whether or not he will be returning to lend his talents to the much talked about sequel that now involves Batfleck Batman. So far, Zimmer has spoken about not being officially committed to the task yet. He had a few reservations about having to work with the Cape-crusading character that is Batman again:

This is really complicated for me. Because we all went, ‘Okay, we’re done with Batman,’ and now it’s sort of getting smuggled back in. I’ll have to have a think about that one. I might give you a new Batman if I do it” (Red Carpet News).

Here’s a video of the exchange:

I don’t blame him for the hesitation. With the direction they’re going with Superman, who the f*ck knows what we should expect from a Zack Snyder-directed Batfleck Batman? Zimmer would also be tasked with coming up with a score that both encompasses the ideals/tones/whatever-else of Batman and Superman and that alone sounds like a big headache.

More power to you, Hans.

In closing, I am not sure what his final decision will be, but I hope he eventually comes aboard for the job. If he doesn’t, a lot of people—including myself—will be fairly disappointed. I still haven’t fully warmed up to the idea of Batfleck yet, but I admit that if Hans Zimmer confirms his involvement, that would be a little more for me to get excited about.

Here’s to hoping he accepts the challenge.

Cross your fingers, folks.

Source: Screen Rant, Red Carpet News

Images From: Screen Rant


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