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After generating a bit of buzz at the Sundance Film Festival and right before screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, we have finally been graced with our first look at Kill Your Darlings.

Here’s a teensy synopsis (more like sentence) describing the movie:

“Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe will be portraying Allen Ginsberg, one of the iconic writers who were instrumental in kicking off the ‘Beat Movement‘. Beginning from his years at Columbia University, he, Jack Kerouac (Josh Hunt), William S. Burroughs (Ben Foster) and Lucien Carr (Harry Osborn Dane DeHaan) helped to define a generation” (Screen Crush).

Kill Your Darlings is directed by John Krokidas and this happens to be his first go at directing a full-length feature film.

As for the cast, people like Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan, David Cross, Elizabeth Olsen, and Dexter Micheal C. Hall are involved in the project, which makes it all the more interesting. I’m always happy to see Daniel Radcliffe working; so, I may or may not see this.

Anyways, if you want to see more, here is the trailer below:


The movie will be hitting theaters October 18, 2013.


Sources: Screen Crush

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