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Katy Perry’s “Roar” Music Video Released



Katy’s music video is here!

The world premier of the “Roar” video is finally here and so far it has lived up to all of the hype it received.

The video shows Katy Perry braving the jungle following a plane crash and learns to take care of herself after her boyfriend is eaten by a tiger–  I know, she went there. It has the campiness of George of the Jungle as Katy, in Jane mode, sports a leaf skirt and leopard print bikini top.

It was just revealed that “Roar” marks her eighth single to top the Billboard Hot 100 list. Congrats! And she’s only just getting started…


“Roar” is the first single off of her forthcoming album Prism. The full album will be released on Oct. 22 and is sure to have plenty other hits featured on it.

So Katy has a lot to be happy about!

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