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Brawl During the Filming of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’


So, Apparently a brawl ensued during the taping of the upcoming season of the popular reality show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Honestly this news doesn’t really come as a shock, as the show is known for its altercations, be it verbal or physical.

The fight reportedly took place between Apollo Nida, husband to Phaedra Parks, and Brandon DeShazer, assistant to Kenya Moore.  According to TMZ, witnesses are saying that the fight between the two men started because of issues surrounding a workout video.

Moore and DeShazer were supposed to aid in the production of a workout video featuring Parks, but decided to create one of their own. Allegedly, Nida was incredibly angered by their actions, and decided to get physical with DeShazer, and had to be retrained by several of the crew men.

Apollo Nida is denying that he started the fight and claims he was trying to break up a fight when DeShazer attacked him, at which point he had to defend himself.

I guess we won’t know what really happened until the airing of the upcoming season.

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