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Agent Peggy Carter Is Here To Stay: Marvel Planning More Spinoffs For Her

As most of us have heard, Agent Peggy Carter, from Captain America fame, recently got her own Marvel “One Shot” and apparently, it shows how much more badass she really is, even as Cap spends the next 70-something years under ice.

The “One-Shot” debuted at Comic-Con earlier in the year and will be featured on the upcoming Iron Man 3 Blu-ray. Most people who got a chance to see it at Comic-Con have been singing its praises ever since and have even discussed the fact that Carter should definitely return at one point.

Well, you may in fact get your wish, Peggy Carter fans, because it turns out that Marvel agrees with you.


I know right!? #Icant

The amazing people down at Screen Crush were recently able to catch up with Marvel Studios co-president and ‘Agent Carter’ director Louis D’Esposito. They couldn’t resist asking him whether or not the world would ever see Peggy Carter again. This is what he had to say:

Listen, we know this isn’t the last Peggy Carter story. We want to tell more because she’s so good. I remember when we first met her to play the role of Peggy Carter, and I was with Joe Johnston and we were in London and you try to keep a poker face, but I couldn’t hide and Joe couldn’t hide our feelings. “She’s the one! She’s the one!” She has a certain quality you just can’t articulate that. People gravitate to her, love her performance, even when she’s beating up people.

If Marvel does in fact do more “One Shots” for Carter, we could probably expect to see more of her and maybe even the Howling Commandos. Who knows? Maybe we’d even get a peek at the early days of S.H.E.I.L.D. I actually wouldn’t mind a movie, since franchises are never shy about doing sequels, prequels, inbetweenquels and etc, etc.

You tell ’em, Lebron!

Anyways, I say this is definitely good news. Carter was easily, easily one of the best parts of the first Captain America movie. And although they’re aren’t any (good) female superhero movies yet, “One-Shots” definitely bring us closer to that and give us hope that movie execs and studios aren’t ignoring the f*ck out of us when we say over and over that we want a superheroine movie.

Except you, DC.

You get the side-eye for this.


Smh, DC.

Why in the f*ck is there not a Wonder Woman movie yet?

Like seriously.

How in the f*ck do we get a movie with a talking tree and an anthropomorphic raccoon before we get a Wonder Woman movie? I mean, WW is the OG of female superheroes!


My thoughts exactly.

Granted I’ll be seeing that aforementioned movie (Guardians of the Galaxy), but I’m going to need that Wonder Woman movie stat. And a movie for Peggy and especially for Captain Marvel would be nice too.

Thank you kindly, Marvel.

Sources: Screen Crush

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I want to hear from you guys! Which superheroine should get her own movie? Sound off below!

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