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New Music From Justin Bieber and Tyga Hits the Net

“Wait For A Minute” by Justin Bieber ft. Tyga was just released courtesy of Bieber’s personal DJ, DJ Tay James, who posted a link for the song via Twitter.

Obviously, Beliebers across the globe are screaming from the rooftops basking in their idol’s radiance. Many of his fans have been awaiting the sweet arrival of this song for quite some time, as a snippet of it was released months ago. Now the day has finally come, and I can already see the thousands, maybe even millions, of girls in their bedrooms twerking for dear life.

It seems that “Wait For A Minute” is the first of a stream of songs , maybe even a new album, that will be released within the year. Both Bieber and his long time manager, Scooter Braun, have alluded to the idea that loads of new music will be coming very soon, and the music video for “Lolly” by Maejor Ali, which features Bieber and Juicy J is to drop on September 17.

Sound off!

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