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[RUMOR]: Interesting New Casting Call Emerges for Star Wars VII

We’ve taken you on quite the ride with all the rumors surrounding Star Wars: Episode VII, (some have even been debunked recently). However, there is yet another rumor to bring to your attention.

Showbizz 411 and Screen Rant recently reported that an interesting casting call has emerge. Apparently, it is for an “Untitled Studio Feature” from Disney and Star Trek Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams and it has been sent out in New York City. The casting call lines up with the cast breakdown that has been circulating for months now:

-[YOUNG MAN] Early 20s. Handsome, but not necessarily heroic. He is witty and smart. Physically fit.

-[MAN] Late 20s. Physically fit, handsome and confident.

-[YOUNG WOMAN] Late teens. Physically fit, raw energy, independent and with a great sense of humor.

Jedi News has additionally reported that Liam McIntyre (Spartacus: Vengeance) and Ksenia Solo (Lost Girl and yes, that is in fact her name. How ironic.) are being eyed for roles in Episode VII. This new rumor arrives in light of a previous one (which was half confirmed) concerning actors Alex Pettyfer and Rachel Hurd-Wood.

If all four stars are possibly confirmed, they’d be joining Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford, who (annoyingly) have yet to be officially confirmed.

As someone who is looking forward to this movie, I really, really, hope they stop teasing us and hurry up with these casting confirmations.

Why Disney/Lucasfilm? WHY?

With that being said, however, what do you guys think of this latest rumor? Do you think there’s any truth to it? Let us know in the comments!

Sources: Screen Rant, Showbizz 411, Jedi News

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