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5 Really Annoying Things About Writing

Let’s be real. Writing can definitely be really annoying and tough at times, but at the end of the day, most of us love doing it. But as always, I felt the need to point out what really annoys the absolute f*ck out of most of us as writers.

So, let’s get to number one:

1. Writer’s Block

As illustrated perfectly by the following GIF:


A lot of people describe writer’s block in a lot of different ways, but I like to describe it as a debilitating virus that robs you of all your creative genius and in turn, makes it super impossible to write or even come up with an idea for the purpose of writing. It’s odd (and super f*cking annoying) in that it can be very temporary ( a few hours or a day) or can last absolutely FOREVER (forever meaning weeks and if you have it bad, possibly months).

I’m often hit with this annoying ass bug when I’m right in the middle of a book or script. I’ll totally be on a roll and then BAM! I can no longer come up with anything. Sometimes, I try to combat it with just typing whatever random (mostly stupid) idea that comes to me, but it usually ends up like this:

Why. Can’t. I. Write.

After that, I move on to practically rage-quitting life, which goes a little like this:


However, I’ve found that with enough time, writer’s block will shrivel up and die and leave you to your creative genius one again.

That still doesn’t stop it from being annoying as f*ck, though.

2. The side-eye people give you when you declare your love for it.

This usually happens innocently enough. In fact, let’s just say you and a bunch of friends/colleagues sit down to have a nice chat or some sh*t. They start yapping about whatever and you’re just kind of absently sitting there, daydreaming about some wonderful idea for a story and what not. All of a sudden, however, someone decides to randomly interrupt your groove and ask you this dreaded question:

What do you do for fun?”

And you’re just like:

Writing! I write for fun and I love it.”

And then, they hit you with this:

No! You will NOT make me feel bad!

Usually, I’m all like this after the fact:

Damn straight!

Being honest, it does suck the first time (or maybe even couple of times) you get this side-eye from people, but you know what? F*ck them. You shouldn’t have to apologize for striving to do what you love and chances are, they themselves haven’t found that one thing that can make them as happy as writing makes you.

So, yeah it’s annoying to hear such sh*t, but this is my advice to you on the matter:

What Slim Shady says is true.

3. Getting inspired by everything.

And I mean everything.



This probably has to be the most positive thing on this list.

However, it is almost equally annoying as the rest.



As the anti-thesis of writer’s block, this particular phenomenon has you wanting to write about everything and anything.

That dog that just walked down the street? You gotta write about it! That bright ass, loud ass sweater your friend has on? Oh snap, that just inspired you to write about something too! The way the light from your bedroom window perfectly hit your bedroom sheets? Why not write something about that too!?


I must write about this.



Granted, you’ll get over this fairly quickly, but I still count it as highly annoying.

4. Receiving unsolicited writing advice

This is directed at writers and non-writers alike; so listen very, very carefully:

You remember that piece of writing advice you gave that one writing friend? Do you? Okay good. Did they ask for said advice?

Because if they didn’t, chances are…THEY. DIDN’T. NEED. IT.

Again, this is one of those things that are usually well-intended and all, but most of my writing friends agree that receiving unsolicited writing advice is annoying as hell. Not only do you sound kind of condescending when you decide to offer up your knowledge on the subject, but if this said friend doesn’t want nor need your two cents, you’ve done this for nothing. And better yet, this is how your writing friend will be looking at you during and after the fact:



I stay away from this for a reason. If my writing friend doesn’t ask for my help or my advice, there’s no point in giving it or yapping about it.

5. Being compared to another writer who is hot at the moment

I think we’ve all heard something like this:

Oh, is that what you’re writing? Are you trying to be the next (insert-whatever-author-here)?”


In all seriousness, I will own up to the fact that I used to say sh*t like this when I was younger (like in my tweens and sh*t). I remember talking to my older writing friends and I would always ask this question.

However, now that I’m older and now that I’ve been working on developing my own unique style of writing and coming up with my own unique stories, I get super annoyed when people ask me this. I get that they mean no harm and most of the time, they are trying to encourage me, but it gets annoying when you hear this over and over and over again.

I’ll illustrate:

Ooooooh! A story about magic and what not! Are you trying to be the next J. K. Rowling?”


No thanks. Too much pressure. I’ll pass.

Awww, sweet! You got this medieval, Game of Thrones-level thing going on. Trying to be the next George R. R. Martin?”

Nah. Not even.

Interesting. I see you have vampires and wolves in this story. Trying to be the next Stephenie Meyer?”


In fact, f*ck no. Why would anyone try to emulate her style?

You get the picture.

But anyways, I want to hear from you guys. What do you think is really annoying when it comes to writing? Let us know in the comments!

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