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Demi Lovato Pens Inspirational Book Called ‘Staying Strong’

Seems that the X-Factor judge has no plans to slow down.

In addition to scoring a recurring gig on Glee as Santana’s new love interest, Demi Lovato announced earlier today that she will be publishing in inspiring book titled Staying Strong. She had tweeted earlier in the day that she had big news to share with her fans and she later released a video to follow the announcement.

Here’s the tweet (and link to the video) below:

Prior to the big announcement, Lovato had utilizing the hashtag #StayingStrongMonday to build some hype for her new book.

Anyways, good for Demi. I am not a huge fan of hers, but any project/book/song or whatever that serves to inspire people is something worth getting behind.

Go right ahead, Demi.

I wish her all the success in the world.


Sources: E! News

Images From: Sodahead.com, Myinterestingfacts.com,


Staying Strong will be hitting bookstores on November 19, 2013.

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