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Dennis Rodman to Train North Korea’s Olympic Bastketball Team

So, Dennis Rodman has once again ventured into North Korea, and had a little chat with his good buddy Kim Jong Un, the North Korean Supreme Leader.

I know right?

On today, he held a press conference announcing his decision to supply some of his basketball wisdom to the North Koreans in preparation for the Olympics. Apparently, he has also recruited a number of retired players to take place in a basketball tournament that is set to occur in January in celebration of Jong Un’s birthday.

Obviously Rodman’s travels to North Korea, and his friendship with the nations leader, has been rather controversial. If anyone has watched the news, or even viewed the trending topics on twitter, within the past several months then you’re probably aware of the political turmoil that exist between North Korea and the United States. So of course, some people are up in arms given his recent actions, and how public his friendship is with Jong Un.

Rodman has stated that he hopes all of his efforts can, in some way, bring North Korea and the U.S. together.

Image Source: sports.yahoo.com

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