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Eminem’s Music Video for “Berzerk” Hits the Web

Even though Eminem’s album MMLP 2 doesn’t hit stores until November 5, the artist isn’t slowing down.

The official music video for his song, “Berzerk”, was released today and I’m happy to say that it’s reminiscent of the Slim Shady we all know and love:

Unapologetic and crazy ass f*ck.

The video pays tribute to Rick Rubin (who produced the song) and Shady’s earlier days in music with a big ass boombox that Shady and Rubin can often be seen around. You also get a really VCR-type feel with how the video looks and all.

Moving on, besides Rubin, there are also cameos of Kid Rock and Kendrick Lamar and there are various clips of people fighting that look like they are either taken from WorldStarHipHop or the darkest recesses of YouTube. And as always, Shady doesn’t shy away from representing his city, Detroit.

But without further ado, here’s the video below:

Let us know what you think in the comments!


Images From: Stereogum.com


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