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[RUMOR]: Has ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Found Its Title?

It’s been nearly a year since Disney shocked the world by announcing that they had acquired Lucasfilm for 4 billion dollars and had plans to continue the Star Wars franchise (They made the announcement October 2012). Since then, we’ve seen everything from old and new casting news to Benedict Cumberbatch-related news.

However, if we backtrack to that famous acquisition announcement from last year, we may discover that we overlooked the possible title for Episode VII (courtesy of an old report by Market Saw and a new one from Talk Balker):

A New Dawn.

Sounds reminiscent of A New Hope, right?

Well, that may actually be the idea.

If J.J. Abrams and company decide to run with this so-called title, it may serve to symbolize the fact that not only are Disney and Abrams starting a new chapter in the franchise, but the characters in the Star Wars (expanded) universe are starting their own new chapter as well.

For example, we’ll most likely be seeing a new and Luke Skywalker-led Jedi Order in Episode VII, since it’s a very prominent storyline in the expanded universe and especially since Return of the Jedi ended with the deaths of Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader. It would also be up to the Skywalkers and the Solos to build up strong New Republic.



Moving on, if this is the title of the new movie, I’m going to be that person and say that it’s slightly bland. It’s been years since a Star Wars movie has been made and I think they can do better than this. Maybe it’s missing something or maybe it needs to be re-worded, but either way, a new title may be in order.

But I want to hear from you guys. Do you like the (possible) Star Wars: Episode VII title or not?


Sources: Screen Rant, Market Saw, Talk Balker

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