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[RUMOR]: Matt Barr and James Mackay Eyed for The Flash Role in ‘Arrow’: Season 2

Just in case you’ve been oblivious for the last couple of months, There’s been a lot of questions lately about who should be assuming the role of the Flash in Arrow’s upcoming second season and when the Flash would be making his debut.

Though such questions have been left mostly unanswered, two names have seemingly been dropped into the casting conversation and those names happen to be James Mackay and Matt Barr (Hatfields & McCoys).

Screen Crush and Latino Review (I mostly going with Screen Crush on this one) have reported that screen testing will start for three actors and Mackay and Barr were among those three on the list.

Barr may or may not be a good pick, seeing as he’s no stranger to the CW (having previously appeared on shows like Hellcats and etc). As for Australian actor Mackay, it’s a little harder to gauge what he’s done, seeing as he’s been more focused in Australia. However, if we’re going off the current trend of Australian actors being exceedingly skilled and what not, then he may be the man for the job after all.


These are just of a few of Hollywood’s best and brightest Australian stars.

Anyways, what do you guys think with these rumored choices? Let us know in the comments below!


Sources: Screen Crush , Latino Review

Images From: Screen Crush,,,,,,,,


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